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Charges, Fees & Taxes

Family Mobile charges and fees

The rates for Family Mobile wireless service plans are as follows:

Primary Line: $24.88* Additional lines (up to 5 per account): $19.88* *Customers who activated service prior to June 2, 2014 may have different service fees. Listed price does not include Family Mobile Data feature.

One-time fees are charged for some actions performed on your Family Mobile account. If applicable, these fees may cause your bill to vary from month to month.

  • Mobile Number Change - If you decide that you want to change your mobile number for any reason, a $15 fee is charged to your account.
  • Restore from Cancellation - We may cancel your account for non-payment, in which case a $5 fee is charged to each line on your account to restore services. If you use your service or device in a way that doesn't meet the terms of your agreement with us, for example, activating multiple Starter Kits on the same device, we may cancel your service and you will be charged $20 to restore services.
  • Restore from Suspend - If your account becomes suspended for non-payment, a $5 fee is charged to each line on your account to restore service.
  • Over-the-Phone Payments to Customer Service - If you call a customer service representative to make a payment, a $5 fee is charged to your account.

Regulatory Programs & Telco Recovery Fee

Beginning 1/2/2016, the "Regulatory Programs Fee" is changing to the "Regulatory Programs & Telco Recovery Fee", as applicable; however, there is no change to the total amount charged.

This is not a government tax, rather a fee collected and retained to help recover certain costs we have already incurred and continue to incur, including: 1) Funding and complying with government mandates, programs and obligations, like E911 or local number portability ($0.60 of the total charge), and 2) Charges imposed on T-Mobile by other carriers for the delivery of calls from our customers to theirs, and by 3rd parties for certain network facilities and services we purchase to provide you with service ($0.37 of the total charge). See Terms & Conditions to learn more.


All wireless service providers are legally required to bill customers for any applicable telecommunications taxes related to their wireless service, such as sales, use, excise, public utility, and emergency 911 taxes. Family Mobile collects and submits taxes to the appropriate Federal, state and local government agencies, as determined by the customer's address.

To see all the applicable taxes on your bill, log in to Under Account Summary, click See current/past bill details. From the bill details view, expand the plus sign next to the Taxes and Fees section.